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Deep Tissue Massage now available

Amy and Laura have recently returned from the Gloucester Decleor training academy and would like to give you a bit of information about the treatment.

We will be offering two treatments, back neck and shoulder massage which is a 25-minute treatment or for 55 minutes a full body which includes the back, back of the legs and front and lastly the arms.

The deep tissue massage is a different type of massage compared to the Swedish massage, which is more for relaxation. Deep tissue is more of a slower deeper massage, using massage techniques using forearms throughout the treatment, and draining movements to help remove toxins from the body.

Deep tissue massage is suitable for anyone. We all live such busy lives and suffer from aches and pains and tight muscles. This massage will help with loosening up tight muscles by stretching and loosening them. The therapist will tailor the massage to suit your individual needs depending on your area of concern.


After a massage it is recommended you take it easy and don’t do anything strenuous like exercising.

Drink plenty of water after to help remove any toxins from the body.

The next day you may feel a little tender- but after a few days you should feel a lot better and your muscles should feel looser.

We also recommend having regular massages every 4-6 weeks to help loosen up your muscles and help with any knots and tension as regular massage will help to break down the lactic acid in the muscles.

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