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Taking really good care of your feet

We often get asked in the salon when we are doing foot treatments like pedicures, whether we can remove hard skin, treat things like ingrowing toenails or if a client may have skin or nail complaints.  We, of course, want to take care of our clients as best as we can, therefore we have to tell them that we are unable to perform these sorts of services. We pass these clients on to the local Podiatry clinic Walsh Podiatry in Castle Bromwich,  where these things can be treated plus a whole lot more.

Here is the owner and main practitioner Dean Walsh to explain a bit more about what they can do for you that we as Beauty Therapists cannot.

 By Dean Walsh;

Emma asked me to tell you all what Podiatry is and how as Podiatrist we can compliment a beauty treatment, plus how different a routine Podiatry treatment is from a pedicure.  To understand what a Podiatrist does I have to first explain what’s a Podiatrist is. 

We used to be called Chiropodists but for at least 25 years now the word Podiatrist has replaced this.  A Podiatrist does all the same things you would expect a Chiropodist to do, i.e hard skin, nail issues, corns and hard skin (callous) but also other issues, like biomechanical issues with the way we walk, and minor surgical issues like surgery for ingrowing toenails and minor skin surgery.  Also, Podiatrists can prescribe certain drugs and antibiotics for patients.  We sometimes use manipulation therapy to treat patients and we sometimes use ultrasound for certain issues or even treat conditions with guided injections.   

Patients do often say to me I need a pedicure or can you do me a pedicure today, please.  My answer to this is no sorry I don’t do pedicures.  Pedicures are a beauty treatment, the type of treatment you get from The Essentials Beauty salon who we highly recommend.  They will make your nails and feet look and feel beautiful.  Me and my team, always ask our patient’s, how can we help you, i.e what is the ‘problem’ today.  The key word here is problem or issue.  As Podiatrist, we treat foot and lower leg issues or problems. I.e pain, aches, or a problem of any kind. 

On your first appointment with us, we will perform a full consultation and assess your feet and ower leg.  i.e we assess the patient’s circulation by checking their pulses by palpating them and using a Doppler (which helps us hear the pulse in the foot).   We also ask about the patients general health and what medication they take.  From all of this information, we make an informed decision on how to treat the patient.   At Walsh Podiatry we do this and send a report to your GP of the findings.  There are times we can suspect certain health conditions from the foot assessment and if we feel it is necessary we will refer you to your GP to help with any further tests required.

So we ask the patient what the problem is and often we get feedback like my nails are hard to cut or become sore at the edges and my hard skin builds up to a point it can become sore.  Therefore we treat nails and hard skin with the view of providing a health benefit.  We shape nails so they do not grow into the skin and reduce hard skin (Callous) to a point it does not hurt anymore.  On this point, many people think any hard skin on the foot has to be removed (this is not so).  Commonly a certain amount of hard skin is considered normal in fact it is beneficial to us.  Hard skin forms to help protect our feet from the surfaces we walk on and if we remove it then we remove the protection.  It is only when the skin builds up too much it can cause pain it then needs removal.  When callous continues to build up in one area it can cause corns which will need removing by a Podiatrist also. 

Fungal nails require treatment to remove the infection before paints etc are applied.  As Podiatrist we can firstly test the nail and tell you with no doubt if the nail is in fact infected or not and then if so advise on a suitable treatment for this.  It is important that you seek help with a Podiatrist if you think you have a fungal nail infection and the staff at The Essentials will refer you to us if they feel you would benefit from our input in this area. 

Therefore there is a clear distinction between Pedicure and Podiatry,  If you need help with your feet in terms of foot health then it is a Podiatrist you need or if you would like them to look better and feel good then you need a pedicure.  However, one thing often is very closely linked to the other, for example often patients come to see us that need a Podiatry treatment to shape the nails and remove any ingrowing nails plus remove corns and hard skin and then they wish to have their nails painted and have a pedicure to do this.  We refer patients to the team at The Essentials Beauty as we know they will receive a great treatment there. 

So in summary Podiatry is much more of a medical arm of treatment for feet and lower limbs and having a pedicure is not what you need if you have a pain in your foot area.  However, if you wish to have your feet made beautiful and have gorgeous colored nails then you definitely don’t need a Podiatrist you need to see the team at The Essentials either in Castle Bromwich or in Coleshill. 

Thank you for reading.  If you need further help with your feet and after reading this you need to see a Podiatrist then please phone us on 0121 749 6313 and we would be glad to book you an appointment.

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