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Why you need to wear SPF every day, even when the sun isn’t shining

Hi, I just thought I would share some SPF knowledge with you today as it is going to be a scorcher!

The skin is the biggest organ on your body and it the one that you get to see every day. It works so hard to regulate your temperature, contain all your other vital organs and give you your beautiful individual look.

But we mistreat it every day with the outside elements, the food and drink that we put into our body (or don’t), smoking, leaving our make-up, on the list is endless. We then look at it, criticise it and spend £100’s to try and make it look different and fix the damage that we have done.

First of all ‘prevention is far easier than cure’. So if you are 20- 30 and you don’t think you need to start looking after your properly yet, believe me, do it now, it will save our loads of money later on.

If you are over that age bracket (like me) and you don’t feel that you have taken good care of your skin, don’t panic, just start doing something today!

The first thing I would suggest before anything else is to wear an SPF on any exposed skin every day!

SPF is not just for when you are on holiday or when the sun is out. SPF protects your skin, not just from suns UVA and UVB rays, it also protects against pollution and free radicals, hydration loss and the biggie, BLUE LIGHT!

Blue Light comes from electronic devices. Computers, phones, laptops, tablets and TVs. Basically anything with a screen. I am sure you use at least one of these if not multiple on a daily, hourly or sometimes on a minute to minute basis. If your face is exposed to Blue Light for 8 hours it is the same as being outside in the midday sun for 10 mins with no SPF on! OMG, how many days a week do you do that?

All these elements cause damage and premature ageing to the skin. It is proven that sun rays and blue light are so damaging to the skin that skincare companies can add an SPF to their product and legally say that it is anti-ageing. They don’t have to add any other anti-ageing ingredients or properties.

So, do you see what I am getting at?

If you only do 1 thing today for your skin please, please wear an SPF. Protect it from damage and PREMATURE AGING. It is far cheaper than a facelift!

If you would like a personalised skin analysis done by one of us then please reply to this email and we will get in touch.

See you soon