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Do you find you are constantly battling with hair removal?

Are you tired of shaving?  Is waxing just too painful?  Do you suffer from painful ingrowing hairs?

I know exactly how you feel. I used to get really down about my underarm and leg hair. I could wax my underarms every 2 weeks, and I still would not be confident enough to wear a sleeveless top on week 2. My legs were covered in scabs from where I had picked my ingrowing hairs, so I wouldn’t wear skirts or cropped trousers.
I had heard about laser but rumours about the pain alone had put me off that. Then I discovered a salon that did IPL hair reduction and after doing my research I went for a consultation and a patch test. I was so nervous. But the therapist was great and put me at ease. I filled out the consultation and got on the couch for the patch test. I put these large green ‘Stevie Wonder’ style glasses on and gritted my teeth. The flash went off and I felt…


I went away feeling so silly that I had worked myself up, but also so excited for my next treatment. After my patch test, I had no reactions and a week later I went for my 1st treatment. My life was changed from then on. I know that sounds dramatic but if you have ever gotten yourself down about your body hair you will know exactly how I felt. 6 treatments on my legs and few more on my underarms later, I hardly had any hair and no ingrowing hairs! I have never looked back.

So I wanted to bring this amazing treatment to our salon to give our clients the confidence that it gave to me. We now have the Skinbase IPL machine at Castle Bromwich and on Friday the 11th of September we are holding a very special promotional day.

We are offering a limited number of FREE* IPL Permanent Hair Reduction Patch Tests and Consultations (usually £25). You can have most areas of the body treated with IPL hair reduction; legs, bikini, arms, upper lip, chin, back, chest, and many more.

IPL is a virtually pain-free treatment that can leave your hair permanently reduced up to 90%. Prices of the treatment are discussed at the consultation. You can read all the technical details here.

See you at your IPL appointment and start changing your life.


T&C’s apply. Please see the list of contraindications here.
*COVID Secure charge of £5 will apply.