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How to keep your nails chip-free and shiny between appointments

Hi, Guys. It’s Laura here.

I am going to talk to you about your Shellac or Gel and how to make it last longer, keep it looking shiny and like new all the way through to your next appointment.
Here are my top 5 tips for long-lasting gorgeous Shellac and Gel.

  1. ALWAYS wear gloves while cleaning and washing up. The chemicals in detergents will lift the dull the shine of your Shellac or Gel.
  2. DO NOT use your nails as tools e.g picking sellotape/stickers or price tags. Open cans or tins… this will cause lifting and chipping.
  3. AVOID your nails being in the water for long periods of time as this can soften your nail and make your Shellac or Gel lift. Be mindful if you are swimming, in hot tubs, or even long baths. Keep your hands out of the water where possible
  4. APPLY a cuticle oil and hand cream daily to keep your nail, skin, and cuticles hydrated. CND Solar oil is a must for ALL Shellac wearers. It keeps your natural nail in the perfect condition to prevent any lifting. This can be purchased in-salon for £2.95
  5. NEVER pick your Shellac or Gel off, either book in for a soak-off or soak them off yourself with pure acetone. Picking your Shellac or Calgel off will result in weak and thin nails, and this will make your future Shellac or Gel services not last as long.

If you follow these simple rules your nails will always look gorgeous from one appointment to the next.

See you in the salon soon
Laura ❤️